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Here's the link you can send to people:{{created.code}}.

And here's something you shouldn't send to people. Anyone using this URL can edit your link:{{created.code}}/edit/{{created.password}}.

This link works

What is this?

This Link Works is easiest to explain with an example: That's a countdown to 2022. When the end of the countdown is reached, anyone viewing the page will be redirected to a secret URL.

Here's the same thing, but embedded:

The magic thing is that I, the link creator, can change anything about that page: where it sends people, when it sends people there, and what it says until then! Any change takes place instantly, for everyone.

Why would I want this?

This is great for events, e.g. a countdown to a live stream, especially if you don't know the stream URL yet.

It's also useful as a dynamic URL shortener. Put a link in your Instagram bio that always points to the latest thing you're promoting.

It's also a great way to display a small amount of updatable text. For example, has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet? (an homage to the original).

How do I do it?

Just click the red button!

You are editing{{ code }}

{{ formattedTimestamp }}

You can also embed this on your own page! Just paste this code anywhere:

{{ line }}

{{ countdown }}